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Aytemur Gurturk

Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

In 1975, Aytemur Gürtürk joined Koray Yapi Endüstrisi ve Ticaret A.Ş. one of the leading construction companies of Turkey. At the company, he played key roles on multiple projects including the construction of Iş Bank Headquarters, Ziraat Bank Headquarters, the Mecce Ajjad Hotel in Saudi Arabia, Sabanci Center Towers, Kalamiş Koru, and Sabanci Villas. Mr. Gürtürk also coordinated the renovation of more than 600 Akbank offices all over Turkey.

For the next decade he played a crucial role in the growth of Koray Yapi, both as a partner and board member. He joined Sedes Holding in 2013. Mr. Gürtürk attended Ankara State Academy of Engineering and Architecture.